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About Vegan Streetfood

Our Story

Braidy and her mother Lee-Ann are the owners of Vegan Streetfood, based in Observatory, Cape Town. They are both incredibly passionate vegans set on making a difference in their local community. Lee started the business in 2016 at the local markets in and around Cape Town, gaining knowledge of local and international cuisines, future trends and brilliantly blazing a path in the vegan community as well as the non-vegan hospitality sector. At this time, Braidy was studying to become a chef and was working on the Superyachts in the Mediterranean. After spending almost a decade honing her skills and love for food, she moved home and joined the family business.

Everything we do is a matter of heart, body and soul.

our philosophy

Vegan innovation is our craft, our ritual
& our passion.

Between the both of them, Braidy and Lee have visited well over 50+ different countries and have brought their experiences home to South Africa with the mission to create vegan versions of traditional recipes they have seen as well as recreating some of their favourite vegan dishes that they have experienced around the world.

our family

A family business.

Vegan Streetfood began and continues to be, run as a small, bespoke, family owned cafe — but with huge, grand, monstrous ambitions. At any given point, you can pop in and say hi to Lee, Braidy and even Ewan (The Baby Connolly) as they are integral to the fabric of Vegan Streetfood and, quite honestly, vice versa. You will often times hear them refer to VSF as “home” — and what a beautiful, loving home it is at that.

our mission

A South African Vegan Revolution

As vegans themselves, Lee and Braidy are passionate about the growth of the vegan movement in South Africa. They are continuously striving to innovate new and exciting products for the community as well as working on wild new ideas for events, excursions, festivals, tours and more to do anything they can to help expand awareness of the vegan philosophy — Far and wide!