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100% Plant Powered
100% of the time.

Online store | Food truck | Caterer | Female & Vegan owned

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Westlake | Woodstock | Food Truck
Cape Town, South Africa

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100% Plant Based
Your gateway to a world of eco-friendly, cruelty-free, plant-based goodness.

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We’re committed to promoting a greener, healthier planet.

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About Us

100% vegan, 100% of the time. 
Our vibrant plant-based food truck is dedicated to promoting veganism as well as delivering the most exhilarating vegan culinary adventures throughout Cape Town. We specialise in crafting cutting-edge plant based products and sharing them our community, spread across the nation.

Lauren Brache
Lauren Brache
Innovative, tasty gourmet street food that happens to be vegan! From 'chickn' drumsticks to 'eggs' that actually run, lots of delicious vegan dishes! My favourite place to eat! Amazing owners make you feel right at home!
Yonde Thomas
Yonde Thomas
Best food & best customer service! Their pepperoni pizza tastes like my childhood -I’m grateful for this company, that’s making being vegan easier for all of us.
santhum moodley
santhum moodley
Very special to see local innovation in their brand Oh My Cluck? quirky and clever twists on the dishes, fresh everything, good ethical practice (even through the tough times, they are true from heart) in moving forward. I had the Vish'n chips, thought it was huge at first glance, but I managed.... because it was yumzers? got to be one of the best mochas I've had, made with Soma milk, chocolatey in a cocoa bean way, not sweeeet, got to try this! It's quite light, so you can have it while you wait for your dish ??plus, if you like potstickers, just try and make place for a few of those too.
Delicious food and juices. They have WiFi
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Vegan Streetfood, Woodstock [UberEats]
Oh My Cluck, Woodstock [UberEats]

Vegan Streetfood, Westlake [UberEats]
Oh My Cluck, Westlake [UberEats]

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