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St George's Market
05 Oct 09:00 AM
Until 05 Oct, 03:00 PM 6h

St George's Market

St George's Square St George's Square, Cape Town
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Hey there, foodies! Get ready to embark on some more mouthwatering journeys with Vegan Streetfood, where delicious grub meets compassionate humans! ??

? We're all about 100% plant-based goodness, all day, every day. No exceptions! ?

? What's on the menu? Imagine cruelty-free street food that's not just kind to your taste buds but also to our furry friends. Plus, we've got gluten-free options for all our allergy-conscious friends! ?

? We will be at the St George's Market on Thursday the 5th of October 2023!

?️ Thursday, 5th October
? 09 AM - 03 PM
?️ St George’s Square, Cape Town Central

? Want to stay in the loop? Check out our website's calendar at www.veganstreetfood.co.za (link in bio) for all the live updates on our events, dates, and locations! ?

Don't miss a bite! Follow us on @veganstreetfoodza on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for instant updates. ?

Got questions or just craving some good foodie chat? WhatsApp us at +27 60 633 9837. We're here for you! ??

Get ready to feast, South Africa! ??

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